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Connected Everyday Lab

The Connected Everyday Lab is an interdisciplinary research group at the Faculty of Industrial Design Engineering (IDE), Delft University of Technology.
The Connected Everyday Lab researches how to facilitate thoughtful design in a complex world where people, objects and technology are increasingly connected.

Internet of Things group

The Internet of Things group of the Department of Design Engineering at Delft University of Technology is in the making. The group aims to research the effect and possibilities of Internet of Things on aspects of design: design process, the way of thinking about design, the products & systems that are designed, and design research.


AMS Institute

AMS Institute aims to become an internationally leading institute where talent is educated and engineers, designers, digital engineers and natural/social scientist jointly develop and valorise interdisciplinary metropolitan solutions.



INFO is a creative technology agency dedicated to crafting relevant digital products. INFO works with forward thinking companies actively looking for the next step forward. Together they create digital products that people love to use, both today and in a future where anything is possible.



Advier is a dynamic company located in the Dutch city of Delft which aims to keep moving the world. The movement to and between locations that provide the economic functioning of these locations is the field of expertise of Advier. Advier works on the logistics of people as a prerequisite for a sustainable economy. 


AiTech is the TU Delft mission-oriented science, design and engineering initiative on the future of autonomous technology and human responsibility in digital societies. Digitalization is driven by technologies and socio-economic impact of, for instance, data science, artificial intelligence, robotics and the internet-of-things.



ThingsCon is Europe’s leading conference about the future of hardware, connected devices and Internet of Things (IoT). We aim to foster the creation of human-centric & responsible IoT.