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We want to build more knowledge on the different aspects of Cities of Things and like to use research to design approach to do so. This means we formulate design briefs for (fictional) products in the context of cities of things that will deliver knowledge on the design guidelines and tools.

Currently, we have 3 graduation projects to offers as follows

  1. Design of the social interaction on a Mobipunt
  2. Design the on- and off-boarding of autonomous sailing SeaBubbles.
  3. Design a new mobility experience for autonomous SeaBubbles


  • Design the street cleaning bot of the future. In her graduation project, Louise Hugen used an example of an air purifying bot. It is to expect that one of the first viable autonomous moving functional vehicles are cleaning bots, Roombas for the street. How would they look like, where the model for designing Things As Citizens by Louise is a starting point.
    This project will have a focus on the interaction of bot and human and fits in that sense DfI very well. Using Thing Centered Design methods will be a good candidate as design method.
  • A typical IPD project would be to focus on the detailing of so-called Code/things, things that are defined by the programming code, the computing capabilities. How to bridge material and behavioral characteristics.
  • In the graduation research of Sen Lin (SPD) he developed three possible futures for the city. He did prototype one of these to a level of prototyping (fictional). The other two remained in concept.
    The first possible graduation project is to detail this concept. It is important that the concept is not only a product but it more a system of product and governance. This project should focus on the service design aspects and/or design of ecosystems. More SPD than DfI, however there are also elements of DfI in the interaction of the products and the users.
  • A more meta project is the research and design of an toolkit for Things As Citizens. The developed toolkit for ideation can be a starting point, but we need also more actionable tools for the design detailing and other important elements: design for AI.
    Inspiration can be the graduation project of Jet Gispen of 2017 (Best graduation project): Ethics for designers.
  • A domain that is not covered yet is that of the smart home. The home environment and that of the public space is not so strictly separated. Home appliance manufactures like Bosch are making their products more and more connected. What will a Things As Citizen look like in the context of home. Design one appliance in detail to make it clear. Like the washing machine.


If you have interest, please contact our director Iskander.

  • Student opportunity DfI
  • Student opportunity SPD
  • Student opportunity IPD
Lab Director
Iskander Smit