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We want to build more knowledge on the different aspects of Cities of Things and like to use research to design approach to do so. This means we formulate design briefs for (fictional) products in the context of cities of things that will deliver knowledge on the design guidelines and tools.

Currently, we have 4 graduation projects to offers as follows

  1. Design of the social interaction on a Mobipunt
  2. Design the on- and off-boarding of autonomous sailing SeaBubbles.
  3. Design a new mobility experience for autonomous SeaBubbles
  4. Hacking smart object into thing that predict


Do you have your own ideas on doing a project that relates to the design of autonomous things, feel invited to get in contact to discuss with Iskander Smi.

  • Student opportunity DfI
  • Student opportunity SPD
  • Student opportunity IPD
Lab Director
Iskander Smit