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Are you about to start you graduation project, concerning a topic related to the implementation of new technologies/ideas/insights in the MRDH? Are you interested in people, local initiatives and the inclusive society? Are you curious to hear different perspectives on the complex challenges we face when designing for streets, neighborhoods and cities?

Students from all faculties of the universities of Leiden, Delft and Rotterdam can take part in the Inclusive City studios. This means that an Industrial Design student (TUD), an Industrial Ecology student (TUD/Lei) an someone graduating in Global Business and Sustainability (EUR) can sit together to discuss recycling strategies in the inner city of Rotterdam, or urban farming in the Innovation District in The Hague.

  • Take part in an interdisciplinary studio that faces complex challenges from multiple perspectives
  • Meet monthly with professionals and problem owners from practice
  • Contact researchers and academics from three universities
  • Get inspired or speak up and share your own insights at our quarterly events
  • Get all-time access to the Groot Handelsgebouw in Rotterdam to meet and work

As a member of the hub and the Centre for Sustainability network you will meet a variety of people from a.o. universities, companies and municipalities. There is a possibility to look around at their events with no strings attached, but also to form closer collaborations around the topic of your project.

In January / February we start off with new students. Please contact us at and we can figure out how the hub will work for you!

Studio Circular Mindsets, placemaking & involvement:

Case study: CID Den Haag



Studio Farm Cooperatives, connecting city and landscape:

Case study: Midden-Delfland


Studio Empowering Commons, conversations for action:

Case study: Central Rotterdam