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Snacking contributes to extra energy intake and is related with obesity. With the increasing numbers of obesity and overweight population, it is relevant to create guidelines for the food industry to design a satiating and conscious snacking experience to tackle obesity. Several studies have shown that foods can become more satiating through manipulation of the food’s texture. In this project, we want to create guidelines about mechanical characteristics of food textures th at designers in the food industry can manipulate to create a satiating and conscious snacking experience. In order to manipulate and measure the mechanical texture characteristics of the samples, a designer’s toolbox for texture manipulation will be created. The designer’s toolbox contains techniques and know-how for manipulating and measuring textures. The techniques will be derived from literature research and hands-on prototyping with selected foods. Check for an overview of the techniques used and the latest updates on this project.


Heidi Mao

Heidi Mao