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SeaBubbles is a new mobility concept that consists of flyboat-pods that can sail autonomous (based on airplane technology) and transport commuters on the most comfortable way from A to B. This is a whole new experience that creates questions on what a space for this form of transport will mean in experience, and how different travellers interact with the autonomous travel pod. World wide the first pilots are sailing, later this year the organisation hopes to create a test at the Delft Campus.

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The docking of a Seabubble can be a complex process especially on busy waterways with lots of waves and water flow. Adding autonomous features to human sailing can help and vice versa. Create a docking process and elements in both the physical docking as the digital intelligent service that foster the cooperation of human and autonomous sailing. Focus on the interaction between human and machine. And prepare for a learning system that can become more and more independent.

In this graduation project the research is on Design for Interaction. The way the interaction will take place between human and non-human actor is open. Can be an addition of the current control system or a additional device or even just a communication routine. We expect a prototype (Wizard of Oz) to demonstrate the design choices.

This project is commissioned by Advier and the graduation can be done at their office location in Delft, or in the Delft Design Lab student place.

Lab Director
Iskander Smit