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The project is developing the next iteration on the use of public transport as Mobility as a Service (MaaS). People travelling or commuting use more than one mobility modality (train, car, bike, feet, etc). On the so-called Mobipunten people can change the modality.

This mobipunt will be the physical representation of new digital services. It will be modular systems that not only consist of transportation modes, but can be a social or business meeting point. The Mobipunten will take an active role in directing mobility streams and can become a partner of the modern flex-worker.

Extend the development of the Mobipunt into specific contexts; make a connection to domotica and mobility services for owners associations, or for housing corporations, etc. Design a service concept of Mobipunt as part of a housing service.

Besides the common definition of MaaS this is a different business case but mostly: it also applies to all human logistics in a Neighbourhood. So a central garbage point, a locker systems for parcels etc can all be part of this system. Research the market and design the service with an ecosystem lens; making Mobipunt the center of a platform of services, or part of existing service platforms around renting or buying your home. Define what the success factors for the service concept will be.

In this SPD/DfI Master Graduation project we ask to research possible uses of the Mobipunt as a service integrated in the house you rent or own. Take a specific look to impact of digital to physical systems, what is the role of a digital service related to the physical manifestations in mobility vehicles and other elements of the Mobipunt. What kind of role takes a smart operating Mobipunt in the life of the one dweller and the association of owners. Ideally you look at the combination of a service concept and the relation of human and technology.

This graduation project is commissioned by Advier. You will be able to work at their office in Delft.

Lab Director
Iskander Smit