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SeaBubbles is a new mobility concept that consists of flyboat-pods that can sail autonomous (based on airplane technology) and transport commuters on the most comfortable way from A to B. An important moment in the use of Seabubbles is the docking and on/off-boarding of people.

In France the first pilots are sailing, later this year the organisation hopes to create a test at the Delft Campus.

More information on Seabubbles via:

In this DfI graduation research project you will design the interaction around the on- and offboarding of SeaBubbles. What kind of information is needed on the quai, how will it adapt to different sizes of the SeaBubbles, how does this on-/off-boarden uses public and personalized app.

The project delivers a concept, prototype that functions as a concrete briefing for the builders of the boarding-docks.

Lab Director
Iskander Smit