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Central theme in the MuseumFutureslab is the design of intrinsically engaging museum experiences around art, cultural heritage or societal issues, such as inclusivity, sustainability or the impact of new technologies on society.

We conduct research on how to design experiences that can make targeted visitors feel that topics of cultural heritage or new impactful technologies matter to them personally; that they feel the experiences are relevant to them. This may make them put in the effort to develop personal  meaning around the communicated topics.

In designing we see relevance as a process. For example we can seed the feeling of relevance by designing ‘promises of relevance’ outside the museum. In new visitors, such promises may develop a first interest in engaging with a topic. And we can design for helping the feeling of relevance grow through experiences that make visitors better remember the topic, so that they may develop a sustained interest in it after their visit.

In developing such museum experiences we search for opportunities to do so through a museum’s connections to the outside world and through the use of novel technologies, such as augmented reality, 3D printing, etc.