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Many projects in the lab focus on designing experiences that are intended to bring across the value of and an interest in cultural heritage. Here are some examples.

In the Hidden Gems project the focus is on innovation in very small, local museums. This project consists of various Master graduation projects, a student research project, a Bachelor final project, workshops held in collaboration with heritage institutions as well as at a scientific conference on cultural computing. Students: Rik van der Laan, Robbert Feunekes, Claudia Spaargaren, Joy Merken, Partners: Erfgoedhuis-ZH, ErfgoedBrabant, Breda University of Applied Sciences.


The Cross-Relevance Diamond project has as its objective to understand and discover the possibilities of connecting expressions or people from a certain cultural context with our local/contemporary context. In project a tool was developed helping museum experience designers find connections between cultures as a way of developing storylines or themes for museum experiences.  Student: Cesar Lucho Lingán, Partners: The Embassy of Peru in the Netherlands, The National museum of Ethnology – Museum Volkenkunde (Leiden, the Netherlands), Instituto Cervantes de Utrecht (Cervantes Institute in Utrecht, The Netherlands), Museo Larco (Larco Museum – Lima, Perú).

In a project for ‘the Museo Passangrahan’ at the Carribean Island Bonairem the aim was to evoke a sense of pride and ownership of Bonairean cultural heritage through self (re-)discovery, by providing youth with different opportunities for self-development through projects. Student: Ziran Chin-On. Partner: Museon Passagrahan, Bonaire.


In the Curaçao Museum Experience project a design was made for connecting historical museums and touristic venues on the Island to support visitors’ immersion into the island’s culture. Student: Nadège Heyligar, Partner: Curaçao Tourist Board