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DESIGNSCAPES is a Horizon 2020 European project with the aim of exploiting the generative potential of urban environments to facilitate the emergence and scaling of Design enabled Innovations (DEI). The project supports in particular a number of selected DEI initiatives operating in different European cities that are run by enterprises, start-up companies, public authorities and agencies, and other urban stakeholders.

Ingrid Mulder, Alicia Calderón González and Alberto Magni from the PCM Lab work in the project as the research team from TU Delft. The team’s investigation is twofold; on one hand what are the capabilities required for urban innovation processes to develop and scale, on the other how to infrastructure capacity-building processes that can help urban innovators in bringing systemic change towards sustainable transitions.

Graduate students from the Lab also join and contribute to the program with their projects. Recent projects focused on infrastructuring learning environments for the diffusion of design capabilities, developing tools in support of urban innovators’ capacity-building, as well as a tool-kit for scaling circular practices.