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Automated vehicles are already here, including various pilots with delivery robots, autonomous transit vehicles, and an increasing number of automated features on privately-owned cars. Even though the required technologies are still under development, these kinds of features and pilots already push the boundaries and impact our streets and mobility solutions. As of yet, policymakers, industry and users alike struggle to fully catch up to these ongoing changes in this technology evolution.

How can we shape our co-existence with these technologies to be safe, sustainable, and comfortable? How should these technologies respond to us as users? What impact should these technologies have on inclusivity? What makes these technologies socially desirable, and what (justly) hinders their acceptance? How can we effectively regulate these systems?

As new technologies are pushed onto the market, stakeholders are in need of more knowledge on how this could and–perhaps more crucially–should play out. Regulators, users, other road-users, and developers; as these technologies exist in the complex interactions of our mobility, so too should their design. The design of the interaction with these new technologies is key to safe adoption and acceptance. In our lab, as detailed below, we will address this need and explore how we can design for these entanglements when automating mobility.

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