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This workshop paper contributed to the UbiComp ‘21 workshop SensiBlend, ‘Sensing Blended Experiencesin Professional and Social Contexts’.

In-the-wild research allows the HCI community to gain insights into personal behaviour and characteristics. For designers and researchers, this means having access to rich spatiotemporal insights reflecting user’s characteristics, behaviours, and needs. However, designerly contexts require contextualized and meaningful data, and collecting it in-the-wild involves a great effort. In addition, ethical implications need to be considered. In this paper, we propose designerly data donation, a participatory approach for data collection in-the-wild, as an effective and ethical way to enable data-centric design processes. We present the potential benefits of designerly data donation around three axes: value gain, data contextualization, and roles and relationships. And we introduce the challenges of designerly data donation at the intersection of HCI, UbiComp, and design.

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