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People are rarely prepared for their last stage of life. When in the process of dying, people are vulnerable and often too weak to reflect on, and express what they need and what they want. Design for End of life aims to empower people in their last stage of life, to support them to die in the way they want to.

 Our society struggles with many issues regarding End of life: how far should one go in receiving treatments when there is no hope? How autonomous can one be when it comes to deciding to end ones life? In addition, we live in a multi-cultural society, where different cultures have different needs and values when it comes to the end of life and how to approach it.

Domains of research

The design for end of life lab research agenda is structured along the four domains of palliative care: the physical, the psychological, the social and the spiritual aspects of comfort.

Design for End of life also encompasses related aspect such as decision making, funeral rituals, mourning support, or letting go of material possessions.