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Ministry of Infrastructure and Water management

Ministry of Infrastructure and Water management together with the regions are investing 20 million in MaaS pilot projects. Together they start seven regional pilots: Rotterdam/The Hague, Amsterdam (Zuidas), Eindhoven, Limburg, Groningen/Drenthe, Twente and Utrecht (Leidsche Rijn). These pilot studies will last two to three years. Transport operators, MaaS service provides and governments can experiment and learn together from the knowledge obtained during these pilot studies.

TransLink Systems (TLS)

TransLink Systems (TLS) connects transport operators, travellers and their travels by arranging the payments. They ensure everyone can travel within the entire country and with all public transport operators with only one ticket (the OV-chipcard). They process 2.6 billion transactions per year and have issued over 25 million OV-chipcards, which gives a good base for new payment methods in mobility. In the Public Transport sector, but also in case of other mobility services.



The 12 provinces of the Netherlands, the metropolitan region Rotterdam The Hague (MRDH) and transport region Amsterdam (VRA) collaborate in DOVA regarding public transport. Together with sector partners (transport operators, consumer organisations and the government) they focus on national themes, such as payment in public transport, chain mobility/Mobility as a service (MaaS) and national public transport tariffs. Together with CROW they co-operate in the OV-Campus.


CROW is the mobility knowledge platform, consisting of the Traffic and Transport Knowledge Platform (CROW-KpVV) and the National Data Warehouse for Public Transport (CROW-NDOV). Together with DOVA they co-operate in the OV-Campus.




RET provides public transportation (tram, bus, metro and ferry) in and around the city Rotterdam. Every year they transport about 185,7 million travellers in this area.


GVB provides public transportation in and around Amsterdam. On a daily basis around 843.000 people travel with the GVB, in metro, bus, tram and ferries.



Rover is a consumer organisation, run for and by travellers, which commits itself to improve public transport for the traveller. It also wants to increase the usage of public transport. As a consumer organisation, it makes use of its legal advisory right in consultation with governments and transport companies.

9292 REISinformatiegroep

The mission of 9292 is to familiarise everyone with public transport quickly and easily. It offers travellers the information they need to travel by public transport. 9292 Travel Information Group provides OV Data on behalf of and commissioned by the public transport companies. OV Data makes it possible for developers and commercial parties to develop new information services and products for travellers.