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Over the past decade, the circular economy has gained traction in business and policy as an approach towards addressing pressing environmental threats while fulfilling societal needs and delivering economic benefits. Many companies are using the concept as an innovation framework and have begun to design circular products, business models and strategies. Research can play a key role in supporting such innovation and ensuring it delivers the envisioned environmental, social and economic benefits of circular economy.

The focus of the Circular Design Lab is to bring together Master students working in circular projects so they can expand their network and learn from each other. The students all have access to a shared workspace and online platforms to foster the exchange of insights and best practices. Regular Lab meetings with all students and researchers provide opportunities to dive deeper into particular projects.

The “butterfly diagram” depicting the circular system. Click to enlarge.

Looking for a circular design graduation project?

The Circular Design Lab involves both projects that are developed directly with an external industry or societal partner and also projects that are independently sponsored (i.e. the partner does not contact us first). Please visit the “graduation project opportunities” page for upcoming projects.

Examples of past projects can be found under the Projects tab. A quick overview of past projects include:

  • Designing products from shredded wind turbine blades
  • Designing for the end of life of electronic appliances
  • Designing an IoT solution for circular lighting
  • Designing washing machines for a leasing model


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