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Collaborating as a partner of the lab

As an external partner there are various ways in which you can get involved with the lab. Below are two examples.

You can host a Master graduation project in which a student does design and research work for the lab with your museum as the design or research case. This can be on an incidental basis (a single project) or on a more regular basis (a series of projects around a theme). Initiative for such projects can either be taken by the student, by the lab or by a museum or design agency.

The lab can collaborate in formulating research proposals to get funding from funding agencies. The research collaboration within such funded research projects can take place in the form of projects with PhD candidates, junior or senior researchers, student graduation projects, internships etc.

Perhaps together we can even find more opportunities for collaboration. Please feel free to get in touch with the lab director.

Collaboration with PhD candidates

Collaboration with PhD candidates can take place in various ways. In case funding is available, there are opportunities for doing a PhD project within the lab. Such projects can take place in case the lab has received funding from funding agencies based on submitted research proposals, in some cases if PhD candidates are self-funded, or as visiting researchers.

In case of funding from funding agencies, PhD candidates can apply for the position that is available. If such positions are available they will be announced here and at other places.

If PhD candidates bring in their own funding, a research proposal for the project will have to be negotiated, and various financial and organizational issues will have to be sorted out prior to the project to explore feasibility of the project. Self-funded PhD projects are extremely rare in the lab.

Another option is for guest researchers to visit the lab for a specified period of time. In such cases, a PhD with an ongoing PhD project gets in touch with the lab director. Together the lab director and the PhD candidate will then explore to what extent there is a match of interests and if an interesting research proposal for the visiting period can be defined.

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