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What it means to participate in our lab

Delft Design Labs offer multiple opportunities for student participation. Examples are bachelor and master thesis projects, internships, group projects, and (PhD) research projects. 

The Labs provide ambitious students the opportunity to collaborate with significant stakeholders in projects that generate both design innovations and generalizable knowledge. Whether you’re interested in museums, food, or cardiology (or any of the other themes), the related Labs function as hubs for professionals with a shared theme-based interest.

In the MuseumFutures lab you weekly meet with the several other students in the lab to share insights and inspire and help each other. You communicate with the MuseumFutures lab community through Slack. As a graduate student in the lab you are asked to create insight cards for sharing general knowledge that you collected in the lab. Also you are asked to conclude your project with a movie about your project. The insight cards made by others provide you with a head start in designing for the museum world. A few time per year the MuseumFutures lab organises expert feedback sessions visited by the lab’s partners who will then come and provide all students in the lab with individual feedback on their projects, based on short presentations and small group discussions between you and the experts.

Are you interested! Do you have any further questions? Feel free to get in touch with one of the lab’s students or with me.

Arnold Vermeeren

  • Relevant knowledge repository
  • Freedom in formulating academic project goals
  • Present your work at events and/or conferences
  • Projects that have both an academic and a social impact
  • Become part of a creative hotspot with pioneering dynamics
Lab Director
Arnold Vermeeren