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Industrial Design

Partnering Professors at the Faculty of Industrial Design Engineering represent our three departments: Prof. Elisa Giaccardi at Human-Centered Design, Prof. Gerd Kortuem at Sustainable Design Engineering and Prof. Dirk Snelders at Design, Organisation and Strategy.

TU Delft

Partnering Professors at other Faculties of TU Delft include
Prof. Catholijn Jonker at Electrical Engineering, Mathematics and Computer Science, Prof. David Abbink and prof. Martijn Wisse at Mechanical, Maritime and Materials Engineering, and Prof. Ibo van de Poel at Technology, Policy and Management.



UU & Radboud

Partnering Professors at other Universities in the Netherlands include Prof. Maaike Bleeker at Media Art and Performance Studies of the Utrecht University,
Prof. Pim Haselager at the Donders Institute for Brain, Cognition and Behaviour of Radboud University.