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What is Delft Design Labs?

Delft Design Labs (DDL) is an initiative of the TU Delft Faculty of Industrial Design Engineering (IDE). DDL provides platforms for the integration of science, design, and innovation. With cross-disciplinary research and design explorations, Labs create state-of-the-art thematic knowledge with particular relevance to society. They function as creative hotspots that support and promote collaborations between researchers, students, and societal partners.

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Theme-Based Knowledge Development

Delft Design Labs support a theme-based integration of knowledge development and design innovation. Themes include cardiology care, the circular economy, food and eating behaviour, play, and many more. Each Lab operates as a flexible consortium of researchers, students, PhD candidates, and a wide variety of societal partners that share an interest in its thematic knowledge domain. The Lab is managed by a Lab Leader, who is a principle investigator at the TU Delft. Its missions and research agendas are formulated in collaboration with Lab partners.

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Design for Societal Challenges

Delft Design Labs demonstrate the stimulating synthesis between design and research, in which scientific and societal contribution go hand-in-hand. Lab participants and partners endorse the value of open collaboration as a prerequisite for addressing today’s social challenges. Within the diversity of themes and interests, they share an excitement for exploring the question of how design and technology can help individuals and communities to flourish. Projects function as a springboard for innovation and knowledge dissemination.

Prof. Pieter Desmet (DDL coordinator)

Faculty Research Mission

Delft Design Labs pursue the same scientific mission as the TU Delft Faculty of Industrial Design Engineering. The general objective is to increase our understanding of how design can be used to tackle the challenges of an increasingly complex world.

Research at IDE focuses on three main societal challenges (health, sustainability and mobility) and develops knowledge, tools and methods that integrate three main disciplinary perspectives (people, technology and organisation).

Central in all research activity is the designer’s ability to act as a bridge between stakeholders and technology. This professional ability is at the heart of IDE’s scientific agenda: “Designing Design”. The design methods which stem from our research equip designers – the world over – to design better.

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