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In recent years museum experiences have evolved from stand-alone experiences within the confined space of a physical museum to experiences that are embedded in journeys that start before and last until after the museum experience; experiences that are embedded in community engagement activities, or in people’s daily lives; experiences that may follow a trajectory through institutional ecosystems (including schools, care centres, etc.).

The lab explores how museum experience design can lead to long-term engagement of audiences with museums or their collections.

We explore the role that current technology-related developments, including Internet of Things, DIY technology and Maker Movement can play in facilitating and stimulating this development.

Collaborative research through individual projects

MuseumFutures is associated to other Faculty labs (such as the Connected Everyday Lab) and external parties.

In MuseumFutures, several Master graduate students of the Faculty collaborate in design research projects. Each student works on his or her own project, but all projects feed into a growing body of knowledge about opportunities for future museum experience design as it relates to connecting museums to the outside world and applying novel technologies in doing so.

All students collaborate with museums, heritage houses, design agencies or other stakeholders in relevant fields. They have their home base at the Faculty where they synergistically work with their fellow students in the lab; sharing their experiences, inspiring each other, sharing knowledge and building a growing body of knowledge and tools on the topic.

New ways of collaborating

The way of working within MuseumFutures is relatively new. Thus, for us, one of the exciting challenges is to explore truly new ways of doing design research with Faculty internal and external collaborators such a design agencies Fabrique and Tellart; in ways that are beneficial and exciting to all parties.

Lab Director
Arnold Vermeeren

MuseumFutures lab explores how connecting museums to the outside world can have an impact on museum experience design as well as on a museum’s role in society.