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The MuseumFutures lab studies the design of meaning-making experiences for researchers and museum audiences, that are based on digital-based representations (AR/VR, 3D scanning, digital 3D fabrication, etc.) of cultural heritage artefacts.

Rich digital-based representations are digital or digitally fabricated physical representations of artefacts, which allow for using and manipulating the artefacts in ways that are not possible with the original and that allow for experiencing the artefact along various experiential qualities.


We believe that:

  • this can facilitate meaning-making of cultural heritage that in turn can lead to new understandings of the world
  • this can provide opportunities for new research into cultural heritage
  • this can contribute to developing new technologies and optimizing existing ones


In terms of technology we have a specific interest in technologies such as AR/VR/MR, 3D scanning and digital 3D fabrication.

In terms of experience design we have a specific interest in methods for and knowledge about creating meaning-making experiences. Especially, we are interested in the design of transformative experiences.

Lab co-director Transformative Experiences
Arnold Vermeeren