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2020-13-01 | Sustainable solutions for Specialized Bicycle Components

Specialized Bicycles is interested in a project to help further the use of the bicycle as a tool for sustainable transportation, as well as better understanding the environmental impacts of bicycle manufacture, and of effectively communicating sustainability concepts and data to riders.

2020-12-20 | Training tools for a Sustainable Procurement Strategy, KOVMA

The Sustainable Procurement Platform is looking for a graduating student who is interested in designing a physical and digital training tool to enhance sustainable procurement strategies

2020-12-01 | Afstudeeropdracht Circulaire co-sleeper, Baby Exchangerie

De Baby Exchangerie is op zoek naar een student die graag zou willen afstuderen op het ontwerp van een circulaire co-sleeper.

2020-12-15| Sustainable Product Design, O’Neill

The goal of this project is to working with O’Neill in exploring how they can design a product / product extension, that directly links to consumer behavior change, resulting in reduction of: water consumption, water waste and/or water pollution

2020-12-10 | Circular & Sustainable 3D Printing, TU Delft

2020-12-10 | Improving LCA Software User Interface, TU Delft

2020-12-10 | Sustainable Design Methods, TU Delft

This project aims to work with a product development company (either manufacturer or consultancy) to redesign their design process to better integrate sustainability tools and methods.

2020-11-09 | UX Service platform Circular automotive sector, C-ECO

C-ECO is looking for a graduating student who is interested in creating a UX strategy together with C-ECO and developing (and testing) a number of new UX designs for a new circular automotive platform.

2020-09-30 | Recycling bio-based plastics, Mitsubishi Chemical / TU Delft

The challenge of this graduation opportunity is to research and map the perspectives of different stakeholders in the context of recycling bio-based plastics with the goal of improving the recycling infrastructure.

2020-08-31 |  Recycled plastic product, De Bolder

De Bolder, a lean-work company on Texel, is looking for a graduate who is interested in researching and developing a product made from recycled plastic.

Lab Lead
Yumiko Henneberry