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2021-03-24 | Graduation Opportunity Design for Repair scorescard, TU Delft

The goal of this graduation project is to research and develop a repair scorecard which quantifies the amount of saved financial value and / or time by repairing a product.

2021-03-24 | Graduation Opportunity Compostable plant supports, WPT Biobased

Plant clips and other plastic supports pollute the green waste. The aim of this project is to develop new material combinations out of circular streams and design plant supports out of this material.

2021-01-28 | Graduation Opportunity Design of Sustainable Diapers, Future Diaper Project

The Future Diaper Project is looking for a graduating student who is interested in designing a more sustainable diaper which fits into the context of a circular economy.

2021-01-28 | Graduation Opportunity Active Disassembly of 3D printed materials, TU Delft

The goal of this graduation project is to develop a 3D printed material interface which should stay intact during use but release easily at the end of use.

2021-02-5 |  Testing the performance of 3D-printed components

Together with Ultimaker, you will research, design, test and evaluate the performance of 3D printed parts by means of a case study, e.g. bicycle parts.

2021-01-26 | Graduation Opportunity – Reframing Diapers – the design of a new context for reusable (cloth) diapers

The aim of this project is to redesign the context of reusable (cloth) baby diapers to improve market acceptance by the broad public. From a broad user and usage perspective, we’d like to investigate the use of cloth diapers and reframe the context for (upcoming) parents and stimulate the use of cloth diapers.

2021-01-08 | Graduation Opportunity Design for Reassembly of Electrical and Electronic products

The aim of this project is to identify design features and principles that facilitate reassembly of product, and see how this differs from disassembly in general during a repair process. One or more electronic product groups may be chosen for case study (ideally smartphones, Smart TV, vacuum cleaners and washing machine).

2021-01-08 | Graduation Opportunity Design for physical durability of Electrical and Electronic products

The goal of this project is to identify design principles and features that influence the physical durability of product (for instance by conducting forensic engineering analysis) to determine the cause of failures on different product, and possibly use this information to design a product with optimized lifetime.

2020-12-20 | Training tools for a Sustainable Procurement Strategy, KOVMA

The Sustainable Procurement Platform is looking for a graduating student who is interested in designing a physical and digital training tool to enhance sustainable procurement strategies

2020-12-01 | Afstudeeropdracht Circulaire co-sleeper, Baby Exchangerie

De Baby Exchangerie is op zoek naar een student die graag zou willen afstuderen op het ontwerp van een circulaire co-sleeper.

2020-12-10 | Circular & Sustainable 3D Printing, TU Delft

2020-12-10 | Improving LCA Software User Interface, TU Delft

2020-12-10 | Sustainable Design Methods, TU Delft

This project aims to work with a product development company (either manufacturer or consultancy) to redesign their design process to better integrate sustainability tools and methods.

2020-09-30 | Recycling bio-based plastics, Mitsubishi Chemical / TU Delft

The challenge of this graduation opportunity is to research and map the perspectives of different stakeholders in the context of recycling bio-based plastics with the goal of improving the recycling infrastructure.

2020-08-31 |  Recycled plastic product, De Bolder

De Bolder, a lean-work company on Texel, is looking for a graduate who is interested in researching and developing a product made from recycled plastic.

Lab Coordinator
Yumiko Henneberry