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4TU Federation

In March 2018 the 4TU Federation has decided to fund the Pride and Prejudice proposal, in which the four technical universities in the Netherlands (Eindhoven, Twente, Wageningen and Delft) work together in a research program that aims to promote behavior change by supporting people in improving their nutrition choices and their exercising behavior. One of the positions funded will be a postdoc affilliated with the Food & Eating Design Lab.

Diana Ayi

From February 2018 – December 2018, Diana Ayi (PhD at the University of Adelaide) will investigate the effect of different visual imagery on engagement with novel foods in collaboration with the TU Delft and the Food & Eating Design Lab.


Marielle Bordewijk

Together with food designer Marielle Bordewijk, we try to find out what makes food design different from other types of industrial design. In addition, she plays a role in educating Master students in our elective course. The results of our research will be published in an academic design journal.

Barry Kudrowitz

Barry Kudrowitz, PhD. is an associate professor and director of product design at the University of Minnesota College of Design. He designs food related gadgets like a ketchup-dispensing robot and an Oreo Separating machine. He also teaches a food design class with local chefs . More information can be found here.