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Why collaborate with DDL?

The Delft Design Labs are platforms for joining forces in design, science, and innovation. Any kind of stakeholder with an interest in the Lab themes can join. This includes, but is not restricted to, multinationals, non-profit organisations, start-up initiatives, academic institutes or individual researchers. Partnerships are flexible and can range between project-based and long-term participations.

Becoming a partner offers the opportunity to collaborate with scientists and design students in combining societal and scientific impact. Labs offer opportunities for building consortia that are required for securing (international) funding. In addition, the labs represent open networks that can support various types of partnerships. In short, joining a Delft Design Lab community can have the benefits listed on the left.

  • Work at the intersection of design innovation and knowledge generation.
  • Access to theme-based state-of-the art knowledge repository.
  • Develop relationships with talented and ambitious students.
  • Well-organized collaborations with TU Delft scientists and students. TU Delft offers neutral platform for cross-stakeholder collaborations.
  • Opportunities for forging consortia for securing funding.
  • Pioneering design thinking with out-of-the-box dynamics.