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Did you know that your screen time data holds the key to unlocking a vivid picture of your daily life beyond just phone usage? If you’re curious about gaining deeper insights into your life through screen time data, our data visualization toolkit is your gateway to discovery!

Grab a classmate and dive into the fascinating world of self-reflection using our toolkit. Together with your classmate, you can unleash your creativity as you design and sketch your screen time data in multiple captivating ways. This experience promises a fun-filled exploration, allowing you to uncover hidden factors that happens in your life.

As a participant, we invite undergraduate students in their first or second year to join us. All you need is your classmate and your smartphone with screen time data from the past two weeks! The exploration session will take just 1 hour, promising an enriching journey of self-discovery.

You can sign up via the following form or directly contact Di Yan ( at the Data-Centric Design Lab to learn more.

PhD Candidate
Di Yan