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On the occasion of 25 years at IDE, half its existence, Frido Smulders sketched the evolution of the IDE-domain from two perspectives: inside-out and outside-in. How does IDE’s DNA fit the new world?

After a career in the industry as innovation management consultant Frido Smulders joined the IDE faculty close to its 25th anniversary. He became assistant professor innovation management within the Product Innovation Management department on a part-time basis. To stay in touch with industry he founded his private consultancy at the same time. Over the past 25 years Frido contributed to educational reforms, research programs, educational programs, assessments, courses, management, finance and recruitment. Education, valorization & research and combinations thereof. His close collaboration with industry in education and research deepened his theoretical understanding on design, innovation and entrepreneurship. Being 25 years at IDE and IDE existing for 50 years forms a perfect occasion to share his thoughts and insights on the evolution of IDE’s DNA and explore how this DNA matches current needs in industry. 

The lecture can be found here 

The lecture closed with the current DNA filled out. These are the key implicit skills that characterizes the Industrial Design Engineer as educated by our school.

After the lecture Frido was awarded for working 25 years at the faculty. Professor Ruth Mugge gave a small speech on the occasion of his anniversary.





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Frido  Smulders