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Swapfiets is a very rapidly growing startup from Delft, The Netherlands. For €15 a month, you get a working bicycle which is marked by the very visible blue front tire. If your bicycle breaks down, you get a new one issued within 1 day. It is massively popular among students, that often live on a budget. I find that strange, as spending €180 a year on your bike sounds like a lot for a student. Second-hand bikes can be bought starting from €50. Do students value the reliability of such a bike that much, or are there other reasons? I’m a lecturer on startups and strategic design at the Delft University of Technology and I believe I found the answer during one of my classes..

Read my full blog here:

The hidden reason of Swapfiets’​ success

PhD Researcher
Jeroen  Coelen

Msc. Jeroen Coelen