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Two weeks ago,  Milene Gonçalves, the director of the lab, was invited to speak at the Grand Opening of the Innovatielab Tekstberichten (Text Messages Innovation Lab), from the Nationaal Archief. In this keynote speech, Milene presented insights from her research and colleagues, highlighting the different dimensions that either support or hinder creativity in public organisations (hence the title of the presentation “The life and death of creativity”).


More and more, creativity is being recognized as a top skill for the future to be nurtured, also in public organisations and among governmental institutions. With the launch of the Innovatielab Tekstberichten, the National Archives are giving the first steps into innovation, but there’s still much to learn regarding creative practices, behaviours, mindsets and environment.



The Connected Creativity Lab is dedicated to this exploration, to bridge creativity research and practice into organisations. If your organisation is interested in exploring together, contact us!

Lab Director
Milene Guerreiro Gonçalves