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We are happy to share that the start-up spin-off related to Jiwon her PhD outcome: The Patient Community Journey Mapping tool got an opportunity to make an actual societal impact! The tool is awarded for the NWO take-off phase 1 grant! Also, other academic knowledge transfer grants are on the way!

The grand is the first step towards a feasibility study into Quaring as a business. We believe there is value in Qaring, and it will be our great endeavour to translate that into a working and sustainable business model during the next months. In Qaring, we use online, open-source patient stories to provide valuable insights for innovators and designers of the healthcare industry. So are you one of those? Don’t hesitate to reach out!

Take-off funding encourages entrepreneurship activities within the Dutch knowledge institutions, to develop more academic entrepreneurs!

The proposal was the hard work of two Quaring co-founders: Tess Peters and Oskar Zakrzewski. Tess was an exceptional master student who used the tool to conduct her graduation research. Oskar is very enthusiastic and well-experienced in business development in creative industries.

This is also a big achievement of the CardioLab that Maaike Kleinsmann leads! Her trust and supervision motivated us to make our way forward while design challenges are always very complex. Valeria Pannunzio also very gratefully agreed to be a part of the entrepreneurship journey as a supervision board!

My department: the Department of Design, Organisation, and Strategy (DOS) at IDE of TU Delft was with us during the journey. The department trusted and valued this non-traditional academic achievement and supported it both financially and knowledge-sharing-wise.

PhD researcher
Jiwon Jung

Jiwon Jung MSc

PhD researcher
Valeria Pannunzio

Valeria Pannunzio MSc