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As you might have seen on our Facebook page, our graduate student Koen Bogers presented his work on Nurses’ Experience of ICU sounds for members of the CAL team, previous week. Now he’s doing that in the United States! Yesterday, Elif and Koen were at the Johns Hopkins Hospital, to show the results of the qualitative study he conducted at the Erasmus MC.

Together with Rosèl van den Berg from VanBerlo, Koen has conducted a qualitative study through context mapping techniques and interviews in order to investigate how Intensive Care nurses experience all the alarms in the ICU of Erasmus MC. Based on these insights, he aims to sonify patient data in a more harmonically pleasing way, which, as a consequence, has to reduce alarm fatigue for medical staff.

Yet still under construction, Koen’s ‘CareTunes’ – hence the name of the project theme – sounded promising. A couple of days ago, he discussed it with producer Nicolas Laget from studio Sweet Spot, so we got a bunch of new insights and ideas to improve the concept. We are curious what the ICU Nurses will think of it!

Download Koen’s presentation here underneath. Stay tuned!