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Cityness model illustrates the composition of collaborative city making. It describes a new perspective to understand what composes a city and how they relate to each other. Also it provides a canvas for suggesting (or hinting) how we (companies, government, communities and citizens) can make city in a reciprocal way. Cityness model is more a thought-experiment than an explanatory one and it encourages further development and interpretation.

The model is composed by two main parts: “dwelling incentives” refers to the pleasantness of urban lives that the city dwellers could enjoy; while “urban capabilities” refers to the responsiveness of urban construction that the city could provide to its citizens.

The essence of the cityness model is to bilaterally link the desirability and functionality of urban life as a seamless loop. It considers that individuals and collective, public and private sectors all play a vital role in the collaborative city making, where citizen behaviour and organisational settings should be closely related.

Sen Lin

Sen Lin Msc