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On 9 and 10 November Connect2Create took place at our faculty. During this event, creativity experts and enthusiasts gathered to connect to create. The aim of the organizers was to encourage people from European universities, research centers, governments and companies to exchange and create knowledge & experience on creativity in the context of innovation. By connecting a researcher to a practitioner.

So, it was all about connection: the connection between theory and practice of creativity in innovation and the connection between all participations to inspire each other in our work area were encouraged. Theorists were connected to practitioners (and the other way around) to organize together relevant workshops or interactive sessions, in which transdisciplinary learning could take place.

In addition, an actual market place was created. After all a market place is the perfect place to meet new people and exchange knowledge!

All together a great experience and we are looking forward already to the next EACI conference, which is planned for June 2024 in Grenoble, France!

Lab Co-director
Katrina Heijne