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Another group of students successfully passed the Creative Facilitation course!

Creative Facilitation is the art of leading a team through a creative process in order to solve problems or generate new, shared visions and opportunities for organizations. TU Delft, renowned for its problem-solving techniques, offers this course to MSc students to learn this facilitation trade.

We’re proud to see that once again, all students managed to successfully organize a professional creative session (workshop) for an actual client about a real-life case or challenge!

Here’s what some of our students had to say!

“A two week fun immersion after which you truly feel you are a creative facilitator”

“Surprisingly connecting (with myself and others)”

“For me, CF is about facilitating other to explore and gaps the unknown with an unexpected approach”

Check out the after movie to see how it went!

Lab Co-director
Katrina Heijne
Margreet  Beets

Ir. Margreet Beets

Sem Carree

Sem Carree