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As we navigate the physical and digital world, we unknowingly leave behind an immense trail of behavioural data (e.g., system logs). We are informed about this via short statements (e.g., cookie popups) or lengthy documents (e.g., privacy policies). However, even when we know that data is collected, we remain largely unaware of its nature. Data is highly personal. It contains and reveals information about us. Due to its ubiquitous nature, this information is abstract and opaque even to us.


Dataslip is an interactive installation where the abstract notion of personal data is translated into a material and tangible representation in the form of a receipt. The receipt contains detailed information and illustrative examples of the data generated from our interactions with five different categories of products and services: (1) personalized public transport cards, (2) supermarket loyalty cards, (3) credit and debit cards, (4) wearables, including smartwatches and smart rings, and (5) mobile apps, including weather, navigation, web browser, email, instant messaging, music, social media, dating, and period tracking apps. Its length is proportional to the amount of data collected about us. Dataslip seeks to elicit confrontation and invite you to critically reflect on the role personal data plays in your daily life and experiences.

Check out the programme of the Ethical Café Dilemma.

The DataSlip will be exhibited throughout the MozFest.

PhD Candidate
Alejandra Gomez Ortega

MSc Alejandra Gomez Ortega

Academic Partner
Renée Noortman

MSc Renée Noortman