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In November of 2023, Ingrid Mulder together with Natalia Romero Herrera and Abhigyan Singh hosted a session called ‘Evolution from Individual Beings to Cosmic Collaborators’ at TU Delft Urban Energy Institute’s Symposium: Future Horizons of the Urban Energy Transition.


In the session, they embarked on a voyage into the future where humanity and society are not just participants but integral design elements in shaping a profound and value-driven approach to the energy transition. The audience joined in the exploration of three visionary insights: 

  • Transcendent disciplines for galactic participation: delving into cutting-edge transdisciplinary approaches that empower individuals and societies to actively engage in the creation of sustainable, harmonious energy systems.
  • Lifelong cosmic learning communities: discovering the limitless potential of lifelong learning communities, where knowledge and skills are collectively nurtured to thrive in an ever-evolving environmental, economic, technical and social cosmos.
  • Beyond the bounds of currency: energizing value-based exchange: journey beyond the constraints of traditional financial structures as we pioneer value-based exchanges, fostering energy-sharing practices within and exceeding the vast expanse of energy markets.

Discussions took place around the necessity of forging innovative social infrastructures and materials, essential to nurture energy-learning communities, ignite value-based practices in energy transition, and overcome the challenges of achieving transdisciplinary unity in action. Among them is the development of horizontal approaches, connecting both the citizen perspective and the perspective of system actors.  

Shooting for the moon, landing among the stars

The saying “Shooting for the moon, landing among the stars” reminds us that we should always keep pursuing ambitious goals and that in the meantime, all progress made along the way is already valuable and meaningful. In this respect, the session envisions schools as a key player in learning and action processes with and for their neighbourhoods. Neighbourhoods, in turn, are seen as spaces for plural value exchanges and relational energy transitions. Throughout all aspirations, the concept of multi-level co-creation is a guiding principle. Co-creative partnerships are formed, bringing together diverse perspectives to address global challenges.   

On the way to these objectives, hyper-local transformations take place. Schools showcase alternative ways of action, knowledge and collaboration, extending to the creation of novel neighbourhood-centered market and non-market energy economies. As such, it charts a course towards a future where humanity and society co-create the energy landscape among the stars. On to a future full of valuable transdisciplinary cosmic collaborators! 

Lab Director
Ingrid Mulder