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Hosona Morales’ Reflection on her Experience at CardioLab

“Graduating with the CardioLab was an exceptional experience! They offered me the opportunity to dive deep into the topic I am passionate about, which is designing for children’s health. During my project, I always felt supported and inspired by my mentor Jiwon, my chair Gerd, my physician mentor Arend van Deutekom, and the Cardiolab director Maaike. They always encouraged me to pursue my ideas and offered me advice when needed. Throughout the project, the CardioLab introduced me to different medical specialists and patient associations. Also, from the industry side, I got to work in a co-creation session with designers from Philips Design and the medical team of the Erasmus MC. Having this multidisciplinary collaboration during my project was an enriching experience that helped to grow my skills not only in the design area but also in the communication and management area. I am glad to say that networking during my graduation resulted in an excellent collaboration that now is guiding my next professional steps as a healthcare-system designer!”

By Hosana Morales / 2020. March. 6th

Supervisor: Jiwon Jung, Mentor: Arend van Deutekom
Project: Bo

PhD researcher
Jiwon Jung

Jiwon Jung MSc