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What is innovation and which role do certain innovation principles play in entrepreneurship?

In a guest lecture as part of the modules Strategy & Leadership (International Business School) and Strategische Führung (Sustainabilty Management & Leadership, both modules headed by Prof. Dr. Lutz Becker) Professor Dr. Frido Smulders, Head of the Entrepreneurial Design Lab (EDL) at the renowned Technical University in Delft/The Netherlands talked about his professional experience as an engineer in the aerospace industry and how this led to his current research on entrepreneurial engineering by design.

Based on several case studies with industry, organizations and start-ups Frido showed how people centered management, scientific research, and education can foster the value creation by innovation in a very practical sense. Extensive research over the past decades helped to understand how methodologies, theories and frameworks from a wide array of sciences like organizational sciences, socio-cultural sciences, social sciences like psychology, sociology and economics in addition to design & engineering sciences can contribute to entrepreneurial innovation.“ For this purpose, the Entrepreneurial Design Lab (EDL) as an entity of TU Delft’s Faculty of Industrial Design Engineering collaborates with industry, organisations and start-ups on a national and international base.

The students highly appreciated the interactive lecture with room for questions.

Lab Director
Frido  Smulders