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In February (2020) Hosana Morales had the opportunity to participate as one of the semifinalists of the TU Delft Health Initiative competition to obtain funding for a research proposal related to her MSc thesis ‘Bo, an intelligent network agent to promote physical activity in children with Congenital Heart Defects.’ In Hosana’s words, “This was a great experience in which I learned to formulate research proposals, but most of all, to give a pitch in front of a broad audience. I want to express my gratitude to Maaike Kleinsmann for her guidance during the research proposal formulation, and to Viki Pavlič for his great support to prepare my pitch.”

During this competition, the Cardiolab graduate Hosana competed with a 90-second speech against other six medical projects developed by other TU Delft research groups.

PhD researcher
Jiwon Jung

Jiwon Jung MSc