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After a successful kick-off, our students from Leiden, Delft and Rotterdam have started working on interesting circular and inclusive tasks for the region (MRDH) and its surroundings. Come along and see their preliminary results and visions during this interactive idea market. This event will take place in the Groothandelsgebouw unit A1.196 in Rotterdam, between 16h-19h.


From 16:00 onwards, students will showcase their studies on different topics:

– Effective Collaborations for circular product innovation
– Experimental art to engage community with circular economy
– Environmental action by introducing the ecocoin
– Facilitate and stimulate citizen initiatives
– Urban commoning strategies and design
– Current state of urban agriculture in the Hague
– The success of sustainable urban agriculture business
– Problems of implementing Bokashi

We’d love to discuss these issues with you and to reflect on the studies of our students from Leiden, Delft and Erasmus during the market. Hope to see you there!

Lab Coordinator
Tjerk Wobbes

Ir. Tjerk Wobbes