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With the rise of AI (artificial intelligence) combined with IoT (internet of things) the concept of what is a “design thing” shifts from passive artifact to active partner. Capable to perform tasks and make judgements next to us, Things increasingly “work with us” to produce positive change in everyday life. In Cities of Things, we focus on the role that such Things will play in our future cities “as citizens”, moving past the idea of the smart city and smart products as a dashboard and tools for easy living.

In this session ‘more-than-human’ we will look into different aspects of this future where we live together with smart devices and intelligent assistants. We will explore a more-than-human future with talks by Elisa Giaccardi and Iskander Smit, and have an interactive discussion on the impact of this future for designers.

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IoT Day Rotterdam 2019

Elisa Giaccardi

Prof. dr. Elisa Giaccardi