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Upcoming: Jiwon’s PhD defence (PhD defence on May 11th at 14.30 @ Senate Hall, Aula, TU Delft)

14.30- 14.50 Layman’s talk (You can hear what I have done in my PhD in 20 minutes!)

15.00-16.00 Defence ceremony as a committee member

16.00-16.30 Evaluation between committee members

16.30-17.30 Reception

The details of her doctoral thesis are :
Title: Developing data-enabled design in the field of digital health

Committee members are:
  • Prof.dr. Dirk H.M.J.J. Snelders: Professor of Organising Product and Service Development (TU Delft)
  • Maaike .S. Kleinsmann: Head of Design, Organisation, and Strategy Department, Professor in Design for Digital Transformation (TU Delft)
  • Prof.dr. Kun Pyo Lee: Dean of School of Design, Professor (Hong Kong PolyU)
  • Prof.dr. Lin-Lin Chen: Dean of Industrial Design Department, Professor (TU Eindhoven)
  • Prof.dr. Somaya Ben Allouch: Professor, Human-System Interaction for Health and Wellbeing (UvA / HvA)
  • Prof.dr. Vincent .W.V. Jaddoe: Professor, Pediatrician, Principal Investigator of the Generation R Study (Erasmus MC)
  • Alessandro Bozzon: Head of the Department of Sustainable Design Engineering, Professor of Human-Centered Artificial Intelligence (TU Delft)
PhD researcher
Jiwon Jung

Jiwon Jung MSc