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RTL News: More time for care in hospital thanks to smart patch (From +/- minute 4)

The smart patch is on the rise. For instance, a smart sensor measures and records a patient’s breathing rate, heart rate, activity and body position. This Healthdot has been standard care in several hospitals for more applications since 2021. Innovations like this sensor reduce workload in hospitals, leaving professionals more time for other care tasks.

This was reason for RTL News to visit the Catharina Hospital in Eindhoven. Professor and anaesthesiologist Arthur Bouwman of the Catharina Hospital, patient Bert Kaiser and Maaike Kleinsmann, professor of design for digital transformation at TU Delft spoke. They discussed the many possibilities of the Healthdot for remote monitoring.

Collaboration is crucial
The Healthdot is an innovation with more benefits. With the introduction of this technological innovation, healthcare processes are designed smarter. This improves care and reduces costs. The roll-out of technological tools can often be challenging, as many parties are involved. Maaike Kleinsmann: “Healthcare institutions and insurers therefore need to work well together to get it done.”

Lab Director
Maaike Kleinsmann

Prof. dr. ir. Maaike Kleinsmann