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With the rise of IoT and Artificial Intelligence, intelligent things as new actors with high agency will be involved in the digital modernity of cities towards a future vision so-called smart city. Among all the cutting-edge technologies, Agentive Tech emerges as a type of technology that does things on users’ behalf. This special characteristic stimulates new dialogue to occur such as co-performance and has lots of potential.


In pace with the technology booming, companies are busy developing new services powered by intelligent things. In this case service continues to expand in novel and unforeseen ways, and will deeply permeated everyday life along the backbone of agentive tech, giving rise to a new digital humanism: agentive humanism.

For tackling this issue, a service-design mindset which takes a comprehensive view of all the related actors, their interactions, supporting materials and infrastructures would be a suitable approach. The holistic perspective can help shift the attention from G-D to S-D logic, arousing more insights and discussion into a wider social and action context.

In general, the assignment is to arrange the agentive empowerment of technology and different human values in the future mobility ecosystem and leverage it for better humanism within business world through service design.

The following issues are expected to be addressed in the assignment:
1. Future probe of smart city & mobility development and discover plausible visions
2. Exploration of the openness and capabilities of Agentive Tech as a kind of mechanism
3. Service ecosystem design of future mobility including ecology, scenario and experience aspects
4. Relate services to societal impacts and how they connect to individual experiences
5. Get insights and conclusions collected from evaluation of different audience (citizens, designers and company)

The project is planned to be completed mid August 2018. We keep you updated here!

Lab Director
Iskander Smit