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Can you introduce yourself?

Hi, I’m Shu Yan, an IPD student from China and I’m now doing my graduation project.

Why did you decide to do a (graduation) project at Critical Alarms Lab?

From previous projects I did, I’ve gained more and more interest in sound-related research. I’d like to dive more into it with my graduation project. Critical Alarms Lab has done a lot of sound-related research so it is a perfect match for me, I think.

What is your project about?

The project I’m working focuses on figuring out how to use Augmented Reality to replace the traditional auditory alarms with visual alarms, aiming to achieve silent patient rooms in ICU. In this way, the sound level in the patient room could meet the standard of WHO and the patients could get better rest.

Why do you care about this topic?

I’m always interested in getting cutting-edge technology involved in design and I believe new technologies can help design go further. AR has been a trendy technology that I’m quite interested in and this project is a good chance for me to get a better understanding of design for AR.

What do you hope to achieve with this project?

I want to figure out if there’s any possibility for Augmented Reality to help achieve the silent patient room. I hope the end result can be helpful in ICU and the research can also help those who want to develop further on this topic.

What surprised you most in doing this project so far?

There is already quite a lot of relevant and amazing research done by people from Critical Alarms Lab that I found very helpful for my project.