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During international IoTDay April 9, Creating010 organised a well-visited event IoT Rotterdam in ‘Het Nieuwe Instituut’ ( Keynotes, a hackathon and several different session all around the theme ‘Who’s in Charge’. Elisa Giaccardi and Iskander Smit were invited to share visions on insights related to the research into partnerships in cities of things.

In this session ‘more-than-human’ Elisa and Iskander looked into different aspects of this future where we live together with smart devices and intelligent assistants. In her talk Elisa focused on the learnings from the Resourceful Ageing project. What if see technology as accelerator to ask new questions in stead providing the answers. As she opened with the statement; “Technology won’t change the world. But the questions we’ll be asking through technology.” Iskander presented the first explorations in the Design of Things that Predict, and what predictive relations mean.

The presentation is taped and can be seen here:

Lab co-director
Elisa Giaccardi

Prof. dr. Elisa Giaccardi