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Was creativity always there or was creativity invented? When did our society start valuing creativity – especially in business and industry? Indeed learning to be creative has turned into its own science, even an industry. To what lengths will we go to be considered creative?

This fall, the TU Delft Library collaborates with Industrial Design to excavate the roots of the science and practice of creativity in Inventing Creativity. The exhibition will examine how businesses began to experiment with brainstorming and other “creative thinking” methods, consultants attempted to diagram something called “the creative process,” and psychologists devised strange new tests to single out the “creative” individual. We see how these were both practical and ideological attempts to remake corporate capitalism’s image as it came under attack. It was through these practices that the concept of creativity was not simply appropriated by business, but constructed, leaving a strong legacy in our own age. The Inventing Creativity program will use this framework to further investigate creativity in art & technology, society, and on campus.

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Bregje van Eekelen

Prof. Dr. Bregje van Eekelen

Samuel  Franklin

Dr. Samuel Franklin