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  1. Everyone can be (more) creative.
  2. You don’t have to wait to stumble upon creativity or that it comes to you. You can deliberately become more creative by pursuing a creative process.
  3. To be creative is to be able to learn and avoid potential hindrances to creativity. Reflection is an indispensable part to learn more about your creative process.
  4. Diversify your knowledge: breadth-wise and depth-wise to foment connections beyond disciplines.
  5. Creativity thrives on collaboration.
  6. Creativity is ubiquitous, at all steps of working processes: in discovering your problem, in ideation, in implementation, in testing, and in communicating your idea.
  7. To be creative means to experiment and take risks. With this minor, we give you a safe environment to be creative.
  8. Creativity involves both curiosity and critical inquiry.
  9. To learn, to observe and to teach creativity to others provide a full- round understanding of deliberate and reflective creativity.
  10. Being creative doesn’t mean to have crazy ideas, but rather seeking novelty, value and meaningfulness. Creativity should always come with a purpose.
Lab Director
Milene Guerreiro Gonçalves