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With a consortium of 57 public and private partners, the EDISON-Remote Patient Management application was submitted to the Nationaal Groeifonds. In this process, Maaike Kleinsmann (prospective board member) fulfilled an indispensable role within the application as one of the lead applicants with the support of the Cardiolab team.

Edison-RPM enhances impactful care transformation through large-scale adoption of integrated, cross-line care pathways using Remote Patient Management technology, both in the Netherlands and in Europe. With education of professionals and citizens as important drivers.

Edison-RPM not only maintains the manning and accessibility of care, but also substantially increases labour productivity and labour participation in the care sector and in other sectors, enabling economic growth in all Dutch sectors. With Edison-RPM, the Netherlands can become a frontrunner in the field of RPM-assisted care, whereby industry can quickly scale up Dutch RPM solutions internationally through international cooperation within the project.

Lab Director
Maaike Kleinsmann

Prof. dr. ir. Maaike Kleinsmann