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On 6 December 2018, PACT arranged a workshop for ThingsCon 2018’s participants. The workshop was attended by 9 people. The participants were professional computer scientists, experienced design researchers, young design professionals, and design master students. The goal was to identify a set of topics representing the main opportunities and challenges related to the design and development of autonomous things for the smart city.

Presentation and discussion

More impressions of the workshop follow soon.

  • A group that worked on the national angel drone addressed a concern regarding personal privacy drone services. The group suggested that people should not have their own drones, but it should be global service.
  • The other group who worked on the self sufficient robot cleaner, noticed how humans can support the robots to do their job properly.
  • The group that worked on the efficient public transport robot t was interested in priority of passengers. Who should the robots serve first? Should it be people with high social status or with high who have high morals?
  • The last group that worked on the friendly delivery robot raised a concern regarding hierarchy on the roads, should delivery robots wait for human to go first during a traffic?


Maria Luce Lupetti

Dr. Maria Luce Lupetti