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Case 1: Rotterdam Pompenburg
Main stakeholder: Municipality of Rotterdam

In high-rise residential property developments, the pressure on our public space is higher than ever. In the architect’s renders we mostly see a public space of high quality, giving room for meeting, sports, playing and hanging around in green urban areas. Roads are minimized, usage for people is maximized. However, an higher density implies an increase in waste production per square meter, which results in a public space filled with utilities for collection and transportation. Within the municipality this contradicition gives a direct friction between the departments of Stadsbeheer, that demands waste systems that are easy to reach and maintain, and Stadsontwikkeling, searching for optimal user quality in the cities’ public space.

How can innovative solutions in and around high-rise buildings solve this problem? Can Pompenburg be the test case fort he vertical city of the future?

Case 2: Delft Schie-oevers
Main stakeholder: Municipality of Delft

To optimize recycling, waste streams should be separated as neatly as possible. However, the more separation, the more collection points and transport systems a neighbourhood needs. These are often, based on sight, smell and sounds, not the most favourite places.

Can we reinvent collection and transportation systems in the city, such as by combining different forms of traffic, or use the water? The new developments along the Schie-oevers are the perfect place for experimentation.

Case 3: Den Haag Binckhorst
Main stakeholder: Municipality of The Hague

The past years Den Haag is redeveloping the Binckhorst area, a large former industrial area not far from the city centre. With a waste plant situated in the area itself, it rises the question i fit would be possible to solve the entire waste chain – or circle – within the area, optimizing recycling and minimizing transport.

How to design for such an urban plan? And how to develop it?


Lab Coordinator
Tjerk Wobbes

Ir. Tjerk Wobbes