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Open data is defined as digital data that is made available with the technical and legal characteristics necessary to be freely used, reused, and redistributed by anyone, anytime and anywhere. Open data are a new commons: accessible resources to all members of society. It creates value for citizens and society, increasing citizen participation, enhancing transparency in societies and government, and improving accountability.  

However, many people lack the skills needed to make sense of open data. They might not know how to analyse it, visualize it, or even where to find it in the first place. This is where education comes in. By teaching skills needed for open data literacy, the next generations can be empowered to navigate an increasingly data-driven society. 

The paper explores the skills and learning approaches needed to foster open data literacy. Unlike previous studies, which often focus on the perspective of teachers or the barriers within the educational system, this research centres on the student’s perspective and competencies. It recognizes them as active participants in the learning process. 

The study resulted in the creation of a framework for open data literacy in education. Curious to know what this framework contains and how it might help in developing competence-based education supporting a new generation of active contributors to open data ecosystems? Delve into the full paper here! 

Additionally, Alejandra Celis Vargas participated in Interaction Design & Architecture(s) Journal’s online “Meet the Authors” event. Check out her presentation of the paper for a better understanding of the research. View the online presentation here:

Alejandra is one of the Early Stage Researchers in the ODECO training network addressing challenges in the creation of user-driven, circular, skill-based, and inclusive open data ecosystems. 

 To cite this work please reference it as follows: Celis Vargas, A., Magnussen, R., Mulder, I., & Larsen, B. (2023). Towards a framework for Open Data literacy: A systematic mapping review of Open Data skills and learning approaches. Interaction Design & Architecture(s), 57, pp. 133–151. Special issue: ‘Competence-based education: from school to responsible citizenship, wellbeing and democracy.’ Guest editors: Stefania Bocconi, Stefano Cacciamani, Romina Cachia, Arianna Sala, Nadia Sansone.      

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