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We used elements of longer workshop format we did before at Border Sessions, AUAS Master Digital Design and at IDC conference.

As it was only one hour, we specifically shaped the workshop combining an introduction of PACT research program with interaction in the groups to explore what might be the implications of autonomous services in near future cities.


We had a nice group of about 25 participants, divided in four groups for the interactive part, after the  introduction. Every group discussed one of the situations from a Future Scenarios paper we recently  presented at NordiCHI , with a focus on the interplay  between human and non-human citizens and how this may affect future cities.  The participants, a mix of creative professionals and researchers,- were highly involved and interested in  the topic. The use of simple examples of autonomous services for future cities made it possible to easily  discuss relevant and challenging topics that we see as crucial in the design of human-nonhuman  relationships. The workshop successfully enabled to move the discussion from a focus on the actual  interplay between human-nonhuman entities, to a broader discussion about the societal impact of  decisions we take about the future of our cities. Click here for more information.

Photos by communicatie CLICKNL :

Lab Director
Iskander Smit